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Void in the Storm

Truth is, at times, my heart is cold as stone

I am empty like Liza’s bucket with the hole

A bottomless flask of alcohol

No emotions at all

Acid in the rain

That void in the storm

Lost in the brain

Far from the norm

Truth is, at times, I don’t give a shit

I see the world for what it is

A disease

Man is a disgrace

Racing towards the edge of a flat world

Sometimes I am so enraged I could kill

Steal a life that bills my happiness

But I will not stain my soul’s cleanliness

Truth is, at times, there are no rhymes

To even begin describing my sentiment

I’ve not deciphered its language yet

Sometimes I forgive but do not forget

All my regrets

My love has no debt

I’ve kept it burning red

And I’ll keep it burning till I’m dead

Truth is, at times, I am raped

By a passion for a life of love and hate

I’ve placed many a sanction upon fate

Late reactions to an early grave

Fractions of satisfaction you try to save

From the corruption you escape

Hurt but safe

Wounds heal but fears you must face

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