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The Evergreen

Tale Tellers

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The falling of moons to rising suns
Light stalling in exchange of nightly runs
Stars brightening maps of no destination
It is without hesitation I’m now dawning
Upon the new times to come
Leaving behind the rotting corpses of living scum
Those breathing hopelessness into the lungs
Of the naive and impressionable, the students, the young
He outspoken is responsible towards his fellow man
Caution is needed not to be provoking what bad
It is dangerous to stir what lies buried beneath ground
For unknown is what may be dug up
What sleeping darkness may be found
So into the past, I bid you farewell
Like ridding the cast of a rotting spell
Killing the taunting ghosts descendent from hell
No longer walking in haunting shadows
Of voices corrupting with the stories they tell
Many old men have wisdom to offer
But beware of those bitter with no soul left to sell
They linger amongst you, hoping you fall and wishing the worst
Whilst towards you they’ll be dishing the kindest of words
All the while, hiding their true corrupt spiteful selves
Cursed to envy, by a lust for a life of failures
Never able to accept those who prevail
Tale tellers of a paradise that is fraudulent
Fellers nice enough to kindly push you past the edge
Any old mind still trying to fight
Is of a man blind with no spiritual sight
Praising darkness in misery and forgoing the light
Alone and lost, nailed upon a reversed cross
Lonely and sour, never able to repent
Time spent muttering words of insanity
Their life devoured in the consumption of vanity
Thoughts and emotions traded for lies
Sold and empty, alone when they die
No spirit survives to rise from body
What can only be described as a sad story
Unpublished writer, unloved son
Unforgiving brother, loathed lover
Hateful yet desperate for love
Indeed a shame, indeed truly sad
The false fame and glory of a foolish mad man


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