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Of Mind and Of Soul

Lost Love

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Peachy cheeks and petal lip kisses

Mulberry stains on shirts and dresses

Sprinkled bits of rain from the heavens

Auction of hearts fluttering feathers

Bidders make call in a jungle of chance

A Parisian dream lost in modern France


Angels plummet from slippery skies

And die on empty stages of cabaret shows

Bleeding trails of a full-bodied Bordeaux

She runs into the night with nowhere to go

Holding tight her cross in a sinking boat

Hoping to cross the width of this moat


The tears blend with those from clouds

She lent a love never again to be found

Walking misty cobbled stone paths

Her heels break in the twists of cracks

Returning home in puddles she’ll splash

Body discovered later, alone in her bath


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