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Of Mind and Of Soul

Elements of Mind: Power Play

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Politics is a bottomless pit of despair.

There is no repair to the damage we create in the name of the State.

Fate has no place in the righteous future of the general’s orders and the President’s drafting.

Tomorrow is not a day that is placed in the grace of parliament; it is lost in the race of armaments.

Justice comes not with intervention, when a nation acts for benefits.

This is why we do not practice the prevention of genocide in Africa.

Which convention granted the role of international police to the United States of America?

How do we find solace in irrational policy and how can we stand to an unjust claim of democracy?

It is tiring, this endless hypocrisy.

We are lost in pursuit of autonomy and Human Rights are just a matter of controversy.

We wage war overseas, to fight against the very terror we inflict on the societies of our enemies.

For the glory of oil and wealth they spoil the earth, proclaiming a cause for freedom.

Why do we fools believe them?

They appeal to our emotional side as tools for war and funding, feeding our pride whilst the devil is laughing, as we keep on stabbing our own beliefs; and then like thieves, we hide behind big banners and signs, shout, scream and cry for what we think is right.   

But by the arrival of night, we are tired and fed, so we happily forget; some of us go out and others retire to bed.

It is a grey area, many scholars will say, what can be seen as morally right or wrong in modern day.

For our survival to be strong we depend on power play.

However I feel these words are of a selfish song.

This is a matter clearly of black and white, what righteous and what not.

I am sure for those who speak such tongue, if they were to be the threatened ones, or perhaps their parents, wives, daughters or sons.

Then they would wish we had a ban on all military arms, such as missiles, bombs and guns.


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