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In Black and White

I’ve seen a million races

I’ve seen the tides rise

I have seen many places

Seen truths you can’t deny

I’ve seen those star illusions

Sparkle along a false night sky

Life is a game

Of darkness and of light

And I’ve seen your reaching eyes

Undress me with their way

I have also seen them cry

Then dry and rise to take the day

They ride the night with lies

To the dawn on your knees you pray

But your secrets

You will never betray

I have seen your skies of blue

Those heavens you describe

I’ve seen fools that fall for you

The promise of heaven when they die

What you call a miracle

Swept away with tides of pride

You are truth

In a beautiful lie

You’ve been wretched hope

You have been man’s demise

Your love’s a two-way rope

Life-line or suicide

You can be the cleanse of soap

Or moist of glazed throbbing thighs

You are colour

In black and white

And no matter how they try

No man sits beside your thrown

They come and go, rich to ripe

Yet you always dine alone

You’re a torn kite in flight

Tourist attraction, remains of Rome

You are a shelter

But never a home

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