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The Evergreen

Ticking moments, lost in forgone omens

Thrills for happiness and pills for sadness

A blandness of pleasures

Measure the loneliness that is left

Hands reaching for stars no longer in place

Leaving the heart to coast in an empty space

I’ve lost love and kept hate

Racing against myself in a desert plane

Truth is a slaying mirror reflection

My protection a cancerous mask of lies

Before I die, let this be my confession

For I have loved all and will continue to do so

Until the end

It is easier to doubt than to believe

We live on a roundabout that surrounds a tree

Driven around by envy, odium and greed

We forget to take shelter beneath this evergreen

We have lost face to cynics and pretence

At the core of it all, it is love we reject

For we live in the shadow of fears

Leaving behind arrears of moral neglect

In a single breath, I exhale my entire life

Those memories that have passed me by

Those that a chance to regain I will never get

So let the legacy on earth we leave behind

Be one of no regret

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