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Petal roses rattle in the wind, upon cement

Their beautiful red, withered black with death

Cinders of the winter ashes to an old friend

Dreams and laughter brought to an end

I recall the roads we rode, speedily in the night

Early hip-hop prose and schoolyard fights

Now alone I walk wearily gazing at the city lights

There is an eerie feeling inside

As I raid the memories of my mind

It’s been years since I’ve shed a tear

Another experience that died

I am now yearning to have it revived

It seems to have been left far behind

In the shadows of moments stolen from my life

Yet my thoughts of you do not measure against time

Never will they fail to weather as it passes me by

For these thrills of lows and highs are mine

Ropes upon which I continue to climb

I hope when I see you, to be greeted with a smile

In a green valley free of those needles and lies

And though it may draw near

Without fear, I pray this certainty will still be a while

Before I too fade in man's eyes and into the sky disappear

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