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Just a Quarter

[As featured in the novel, Missing Side of a Rubik’s Cube]

Let me explore your body

Like a lost man finding new land

Let me feast upon your glory

Like a beast who is starved

Let me drink your Holy water

Like a seagull wounded in the sand

Loan me your tender love

For I am a beggar reaching out a hand

Lend me just a quarter

Let me borrow hope from you

So that I may keep it for tomorrow

A strand of rope to hold on to

Graze me with your skin of silk

Save me from drowning in my sin

Relieve me of this mask of filth

Let the end to now silently begin

Let me praise upon your sanctuary

Like a pilgrim upon his knees before a shrine

Raise the dead to follow crumbs of bread

And wash the dirt in rain with which you cry

Give unto me a piece of your heart

So that I may keep it for a while

Share this joy with every child

In need to laugh or smile

Lend me your red lips

Ripe like a fine wine

And with them I shall sing

Until the day I die

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