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Train to Nowhere

[As featured in the novel, Missing Side of a Rubik’s Cube]

You stepped into the light

An ocean of hate

You tried so hard

To rewrite fate

But amidst these scars

You sleep with no wake

Through sleepless nights

You sit with your fears

Afraid to come by

You sail on your tears

Your mind wants to fight

But your bullets adhere

The war is long

Time is little

Statues of morals fall

Of limbs and of dreams

Friends pay the toll

Lost in deserts and jungles

Towards freedom they tell you

The train must continue

So you ignore the pain

That grows there within you

Foreign nations they need you

So you go where they kill you

When you return

It is cold in the summer

A fever you burn

Through the unfolding winter

You live with concerns

And you’ve lost all your laughter

Your body is home

But your mind’s not there

The soul feels cold

Alone and bare

Still riding that train

But going nowhere

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