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In Darkness and In Light

Chariots of Fire

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Three chariots of fire

Crash upon possessed seas

Shadows dance in flames

In shame, desire flees


Darkness again descends

Vengeance cast now worse

Blanketing miles over man

From sand returns this curse


Lashes induce shivers

In favour of forgone fight

Thorns crown thy brother

Father, giver of light


Be it in blood written

Message eternally engraved

Future decoded by past

Fast we ridden and betrayed


Whence knights tackle

Weak are those bold and brave

Abandoning their only armour

Farmer in shackles, enslaved


Tears cleanse the lands

War continues to plague

Broken wings of fallen angels

Lost souls brand old trade


Those chariots deserted

Dismay alone remains

No stars for navigation

Damnation reverts to shame


From the veins we drink

And of body our hunger fed

An ugly thirst to quench

In stench we sink the dead


Ignore the poor and needy

Disregard the starved to die

In blindness discover a sham

Man, a seedy, greedy lie


Upon these Chariots of fire

Hope is still conveyed

Valley low to mountain high

Dark skies retire and fade


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