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In Darkness and In Light

Winter Rose

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The winter had an early spawn

From among remains of snow

A rose begun to grow by dawn

Reason of phenomena unknown


In blizzards and thrashing rain

Sweeping winds and icy hail

Strong it stood to withhold pain

To grow this rose would not fail


Beneath a single ray of light

Dressed in morning vapour dew

The little life continued to fight

Blooming as a rarity among few


In the cold and gloomy mist

A man walked upon crisp ground

Stepping beside with a near miss

The blossom this stranger found


His garden the winter had froze

Leaving roughened fingers numb

Now once again with this rose

He could create what he had begun


This rose a mystical anomaly

Of nature’s sweet secrets untold

It had its own fine harmony

And needed little light to grow


Through seasons the years past

It proliferated dozens more

Though life is not created to last

This rose exempt to nature’s law


A simple metaphor holds a clue

To the product of earths love

The beauty behind it simply true

Like the loyalty of a paired dove


Roses are wonderful and many

Though in this singular he knew

He found the lucky bronze penny

And forever his rare rose is you


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