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In Darkness and In Light


The calm waves wash away remains of yesterday.

Stars constellate a formation of love,

As passion falls in the amber leaves of days to come.

It is in the spring droplets of rain and the vapour dew of May

That people will discover laughter and pain.

A ladybird will sip on life from the petal that settles in the wind.

Faith is found by a farmer in the fresh ocean breeze

And the fisherman discovers his lover, in the evergreen of old olive trees.

On their knees, the mountains praise the heavens, tickled by the soothing sea.

The worker’s day, finds closure in a cup of wildly brewed tea.

Marble has crumbled and thyme spread amidst lavender.

Gods find time in an open-ended calendar, to retire with an evening fire,

As night dawns on Halkidiki; Greece now sleeps peacefully.


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