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Forgive Me

If I could tear down a mountain To reach inside your Hell I’d pull apart every rock and boulder To lift your body from where it fell But if I could save the entire world I probably would not For in the realm of Heaven All that seems rotten may be well We have forgotten the meaning Of why we exist Lost in material living Enslaved by our skin

Over the years It seems my words have run dry You say I am a poet But these thoughts of mine Are lost in the fears That control our mortal lives Like from a leaking faucet Dripping away from my life My emotions splitting me open By the carvings of a small knife That in my madness Feels like the sword of a Samurai Within me I am entangled Between a need to fly free Walk upon the clouds Of a faith that burns in me Or linger distastefully Between dripping thighs That sink me deep within The satin sheets of sin Where she sings lustful songs Reaching false notes of ecstasy So when I’m finally gone Father please forgive me

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