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Wherever You Are

Have you ever dared to stare Deep into that taunting mirror Walked the haunted halls within Amidst the ghosts of sinners Have you ever wandered beneath The restless waters of deceit The cold blankets of snow Sinking lustful satin sheets Desert thirst and bloody drinks Have you ever questioned Who you truly are Wondered why life seems simple Yet it feels so damn hard How it is possible You went to sleep last night In a world seemingly happy Only to wake up this morning In one of horrible misery To a life suddenly turned sad Trading sanity in the valley of the mad Mourning somebody’s unexpected passing Your laughter turned to tears behind bars A natural disaster or financial collapse Or the stakes are raised You’ve become a mom or a dad Realising the challenge you face Is to raise and protect your young Have you ever made a promise To change the way you actually are Take matters into your own hands Improve the life you have Prioritize matters of the heart Separate lust from love Face despair without giving up Let go of envy and hate Perhaps now the time has come It is never ever too late Make a start to an end An end for a start So go forth friend Do not fear the dark The Lord walks with you Wherever you are

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