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When I Depart

That night when you last called

Begging me to let her go

Telling me I was making a mistake

Saying we were soul mates

You said you couldn't stop thinking of me

And I lied to you

Denied the truth

Claiming that I did not think of you

But you were constantly on my mind

Tried to forget you during sleepless nights

Told myself that she was the right one

Now you're married and have a little son

And I can't help wondering

If you were the one for me

Questioning everything that I've done

Don't get me wrong

I did love her

Tried to build a home together

Maybe foolishly but we truly did

I'd never have turned away from her

But I failed her so in the end she did

I'm ashamed but don't blame her

It seems we were building on sand

His blessings

I'm now wishing we all have

And I've been taught to never give up

So when I look to the stars

I realise that is where our hearts are

None of us are truly far apart

In my soul I love you all

And will do so

Till the day when I depart

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