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Your Doorstep

Life is a test

I never seem to get right

My right foot wants to go left

My left wants to go right

I’ve pushed away the women I’ve loved

And insisted with ones that I’ve not

I’ve self-inflicted pain and lived rough

Despite the sun the rain won’t stop

This madness is a curse

That keeps my world spinning

I find that more is less

And I am happiest when not sinning

But the belly of the Beast

Is where I hail from

Sin is at the centre of the table’s feast

And the devil’s skin is worn to prom

A dress to impress the shady Lord

But God is unimpressed with this sham

The black blade of their shiny swords

Slay His innocent lambs

If I am blind then kindly give me sight

The darkness I’ve come to dread

So let me draw closer to your light

Forgive me of my wrongs and regrets

Allow me to lay my head to rest tonight

And I will be quite content

Be it only for a single night

To sleep upon your doorstep

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