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Last Breath

The Beast is never too far from me Demons keeping close like shadows at my feet Marked by tattoos and painful memories I've embarked on a long and tiring journey Each station is not a destination but a beginning An undiscovered road walked by many beings A path shaped differently for every woman and man Across all States, every desert, jungle, sea or land So on I march, scarred, bruised, twisted and broken Seeking to become who I was that I have forgotten

I've seen harm be done and watched people die Held some in my arms looking them in the eyes As a youth I nearly followed suit numerous times Drunk-driving, fighting, the drugs, women and lies Years gone the devil is still strong tempting my life It seems rest will only arrive at the inevitable end When I've no longer time to live or need to pretend Perhaps an end is only likely if I ever stop believing So I guess I will keep on living long after my death For I'll praise His name with my very last breath

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