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I was a little crying baby born in sin

In an exotic garden found hidden in paradise

A mirage entwined in the reflection of a flame

That dances from within the fires of Hell

Bells rang upon church roof tops

Rainbows of gray shades lined the lands

Rivers of gratification streaming down the hills

Product of fornication and emotional deception

A lie that man has become by claiming to love

The soul's perversion as the brain rules the heart

Deceit starts with a trail of tales from tender lips

From between aching hips trembling life is drawn

With a bloody red slaying the moon, day dawns

The killer, a sinner unaware of the bad he brings

A believer unfamiliar with any wrong in his doing

Long before good existed roamed a lonely lord

In solitude his evil grew and so he drew upon

An angel lost in the bluebell woods of Heaven

The fall left a mighty cavern consumed by mud

An unsightly colour as the earth blended with blood

Forever thereafter man has lived with hate and love

Ever since he searches the land seas and skies

Seeking before he dies treasure never to be found

For the essence of man lies buried deep within

Below the surface of his own sinful skin

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