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With Reflection and With Love

If You

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If you walked away, the sun would follow you

And the moon would fall to the sea and drown

If you walked away, the stars would burn out

And the night would commit suicide with a knife

The clouds would shiver and pop into dust

Birds would fly upside down to avoid the ground


If you fell ill, the winds would come to a halt

Feelings would lose their feel, emotions would stop

If you fell ill, the hunters would lose all appetite

And the hunted would give up the fight

The day would have no light

Ripe crop on trees would no longer drop


If you were to cry, all smiles would fade away

And all eyes would dry in pain

If you were to cry, love would grow shy

And romance would become a lie

Clowns and jesters would retire

Gargoyles would be hired 


If you were to die, hope would die with you

And faith would kneel before science

If you were to die, the forest would bow in silence

And the sea would retreat from the shores

Mountains would crumble to a fine powder

Storms would lose their rumble and their thunder 


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