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With Reflection and With Love

The Singing Moon

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It is a long journey

Searching for freedom

Soldiers will be yearning

Survivors seldom seen

Whilst the kingdom be burning

I will still believe

If my ship be abandoned

I will float with you to shore

During the stormy nights alone

Your smile keeps me warm


You are always on my mind

Giving me strength to fight

The very essence, of my life

Your light shines the way

A guiding presence

During sleepless nights

Through every troubled day


Every moment that I suffer

Brings me closer to you

More than my lover

More than a friend too

You are my shield and cover

I will be your truth


Your heartbeat feeds my lifeline

Your breath weaves my rhymes

When I am thinking of you

I escape the walls of time

I promise never to run

My love for you is strong

Though a time may come

When I must let you go


So should you need to leave

You will never be alone

I will be right beside you

Encouraging you on

When you finally return home

If you find my body is gone

Look to the singing moon

I will be sitting there

Waiting for you


Should they ever call your tears

Then just fall into my arms

I will take away your fears

Keep you safe from harm

If you cannot find your way

Lost your compass and map

Turn inside your golden heart

I will guide you back


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