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With Reflection and With Love

Journey of Love

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A young boy climbed to the heights of a tree
He opened his arms like a kite in the wind
Through clouds of blue he flew
A moment too soon, just to see
Then he landed with a scrape on his knee
His mother drew the curtain and gave him a kiss
The boy on his dragon then travelled in bliss
Carrying in his hands a mighty little wish
Over to his neighbour, a young pretty girl
Approaching her window he rang his heart’s bell
Curled in her bed, she heard his yell
On her unicorn she rode out into the yard
Her heart took her far, guided by stars
There on the lawn, they held hands till dawn
With a rose he promised to always hold on
As the years passed everything changed
Her mother died and the boy moved away
Alone she remained, feeling betrayed
She lived with her dad who had to work all day
So the journey of love was inevitably delayed
She began to give up and no longer prayed
As she grew her soul got further locked up
She stayed away from her mother’s grave
Lost in a toll of having no love
Traded in every stranger’s bed that she laid
Far away, the boy now a man
Exchanged all his toys for lust and drugs
For guns and for shots in the sand
He wore a red veil, sitting in jail
As he bled from the knife he held in his hand
One day the girl had a dream of a cross
The Virgin Mary said, all was not lost
And once again she switched on her torch
Realising her life was in despair
She asked her dad for tools to use and repair
Her father lost his lover
Though he wasn’t prepared to lose her
He took his daughter by the arm
To keep her from harm
It was time to leave the old yard
Together they went, in search of the boy
Though they tried, he was nowhere to be found
So she cried, as it was all she could do
Then the teardrops stopped, she finally knew
All was not lost; her father’s love was still true
More years passed and they found him at last
Though the past had not been kind
Inside, the young boy had died
He lied to them both that he no longer cared
And turned them away with an icy cold stare
The man in the cell who bartered his soul
Feeling physically ill and mentally old
Held on his cross and prayed to get well
Whilst longing to finally be free
Became the same boy who fell from the tree
A rainy night, the young woman’s doorbell rang
She opened it and in came the shining sun
There the young boy stood, now a man
Her eyes couldn’t believe what they saw
She fell to her knees and cried to the Lord
A voice from upstairs asked who was there
The boy realised he was too late
Another man now held the rose
A life apart was the fate he had chose
A close had now come to their days
With sailing of moons and whispers of skies
The young lady no longer could lie
She felt a love never to die
So she got on her unicorn once again to ride
And rode into the lost long sleepless night
She arrived at the mountain on which he stood
Tearing off her lonely black robe and her hood
She rang the heart’s bell and conjured a spell
One in prayer that the Gods understood
Leaving behind evil of mind, for sake of truth
Naked on leaves they freed their souls
In the cold, they exchanged body heat
Together they grew old with no other need
And soon came a child born in the wild
Making their lives finally complete
Together they planted faith, praising creator
For He had salvaged their sole shared dream
Till one morning they were found
Laying on the ground in silence of sound
Arm in arm, where forever they’d sleep


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