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With Reflection and With Love

Letters of Reflection: Parents

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Parents, behold your kin and your kingdom of sin.

Unfold within and begin to understand.

See your sons and daughters for what they truly are.

Ignore the culture, the colours and sounds and the language they sing.

A beautiful truth is what they will bring, so behold your children’s offering.

We are thankful for your love that most of us have.

And we pity those so petty that they chose to starve the young.

Such selfishness deserves not the titles of dad or mum.

Nevertheless, these individuals still bear a chance, to save their soul and repent at last.

Completing the circle of life is not just a nice thought.

It should not be an act for one’s self, should it be sought.

A responsibility like none other is brought on, from nine months to the hour, before a child is born.

The stalks of ‘tassel’ pollinate stalks of ‘silk’ and in the ‘ears’ grows corn, feeding the cycle as the years go on.

Bob Dylan says: “Come mothers and fathers throughout the land and don’t criticise what you don’t understand, your sons and your daughters are beyond your command”.

Your children cannot build homes, if you offer them sand.

Open your hearts and let them inside; do not create barriers of pride.

Offer your hand always but do not cuff them or hold them too tight.

Remember they are your greatest achievement in life.


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